Simple solution for patient access to their medical images.

Anywhere, anytime.

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About My Film Bag

Easy to access. Simple to use

At Zed Technologies, we spend every waking hour thinking about your patients and what they want. Our single goal is to provide fast, secure, simple delivery of images and reports to your patients.


My Film Bag is opt-in. Patients receive an SMS or email inviting them to activate their My Film Bag account and set a personal password.


As soon as images are ready, patients receive an SMS or email telling them their images are available for viewing.


Patients can view their X-rays or scans using a simple, intuitive app or desktop viewer.

Why My Film Bag

Radiology clinics

Radiology clinics are always looking at ways to reduce cost and administration, but are also looking for ways to engage with their customers and increase patient loyalty. My Film Bag does both.


Patients know that X-rays and scans are important but never know when they will need them. My Film Bag provides patients with secure, convenient access to their medical images anywhere, anytime. Patients value that.

Referring doctors

Referring doctors want images and reports available when they need them. Often patients arrive for appointments and images are not available. The most likely person to be present on the patient journey is the patient.


Using the desktop or app viewer.

Patients are curious and X-rays are interesting. My Film Bag provides patients with a simple, intuitive viewer for viewing their scans.


With clinicians, family and friends.

Whether consulting with a surgeon, sharing precious baby snaps or bragging to friends about a sports injury, My Film Bag provides patients with the ability to share their images via social media or full medical viewer.


In the cloud for anywhere access.

Previous X-rays and scans may be important but are rarely there when you really need them. My Film Bag ensures that images are stored securely in the cloud so that they are available 'anywhere, anytime'.

My Film Bag Desktop

Full featured viewer

My Film Bag desktop has a more sophisticated image viewer, suited to clinicians and more advanced patient users. These users value tools such as scroll, window/level, zoom and screen layouts. The viewer is intuitive and simple to use.

Image uploader

Patients can upload images from old CDs and USBs to their My Film Bag account.

Security and audit

Patients can share and revoke access to their scans. All access is routinely logged and available to the patient.